The Beginning of the Blog / by Darcy Thompson


Hello world. My name is Darcy O Thompson. By this point I have numerous venues for me to create the media I want to create. I post the short films that I spend most of my time on using Youtube. I use my Facebook pages to post photo shoots I do or even quick passing thoughts. I produce and co-host a podcast on Soundcloud, Stitcher, and iTunes. One of the last mediums I don't utilize at this point is the blog.

So essentially my thought process was... might as well.

I have no idea what I'm going to use this blog for. I'm going to try to write on it as often as I can. Maybe every week or every other would be realistic goals. I don't even know at this point what I'm going to write about specifically.

This post will be short because I don't really have much to say. I guess I should leave you with some sort of call-to-action. Take a listen to The 1Lpaca Show on iTunes and leave a review and take a look around this site and leave your thoughts below. I wanna know what I can fix as it is new.